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Vacuum Systems for Deposition DLC Coatings

Vacuum system is intended for deposition DLC coatings (PVD coating process) and deposition vacuum coatings difficult phase composition on the basis of refractory materials including for products with a low annealing temperature.

Vacuum system can be operated in manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation on the set program.

Specifications of vacuum systems for deposition DLC coatings
  1. Chamber dimensions:
    - D mm - 500-2000,
    - H or L, mm - 500-2500,
    - Vacuum chambers vertical and horizontal.
  2. The turbo pump.
  3. The vacuum valves.
  4. High-vacuum pneumatic valve with pneumatic cylinder.
  5. Separated vacuum arc sources with electronic ignition and pulse power supply.
  6. Ion source gas with the pulse power supply.
  7. Substrate heating system with control and temperature control from Siemens.
  8. The hydraulic system SMC, FESTA.
  9. The pneumatic system SMC, FESTA.
  10. System of the automatic flow control process gases.
  11. Flow meters process gas with valve.
  12. Production tools with the control unit and the rotary drive.
  13. Vacuum gauge.
  14. Control rack with technological controllers of AdvanTech.
  15. Power rack.
  16. Touch less temperature monitoring device.

Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) Vacuum Coating

DLC vacuum coatings are found as protective and decorative coatings in the watch industry, as hardening, anti-friction coatings in mechanical engineering, as optical coatings in devices for special purposes, and in other industries.

The main properties of coatings: high hardness up to 60 GPa, a low coefficient of friction, high wear resistance.

The company "Technology & Supply" provides the technology and equipment for producing DLC coatings PVD method:

1. Protective-decorative coatings on parts watch clock, furniture and other products

  • High decorative, wear-resistant properties.
  • Thickness 1-3 µ.
  • Hardness - 20-40 GPa.

2. Wear resistant coatings for machining tools

  • Increase the useful life of up to 3 times.
  • Thickness of 1 - 3 µ.
  • Hardness - up to 60 Gpa.

3. Hardening, anti-friction coatings for machine parts, friction units

  • Increase the useful life of up to 2 times.
  • Coefficient of friction - 0.1.
  • Thickness 0.5 - 3 µ.
  • Hardness - 20-50 GPa.

4. Protective optical coatings

  • Transmission coefficient - up to 98%.
  • Thickness 0.1-2 µ.
  • Hardness - 20-50 GPa.

For the right choice of  vacuum machine for deposition DLC coatings, please inform:

  1. Dimensions of processed products (it is desirable to send us a drawing, sketch or photos of products).
  2. What material are the products made?
  3. What result do you need from the vacuum deposition process: what color, hardness, film thickness, vacuum coating characteristics, etc.?
  4. How many products must be coating in one shift, how many shifts and their duration?
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