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Components for Vacuum Systems

For consumers of vacuum equipment, the company "Technologies and Supply"  offers a variety of components and spare parts. We work with enterprises near and far abroad.

Vacuum Arc Sources
The plasma vacuum arc sources found an effective application basically in deposition of hardening coatings.
Vacuum Chambers
The company "Technologies and Supply" is developing, manufacturing vacuum chambers with horizontal, vertical axis arrangement with dimensions up to 2500 mm in diameter and a height of 3000 mm.
Ion Sources
In modern technologies of deposition of coatings by vacuum methods, ion sources appear a necessary technological tool.
Spectrometrical Systems for Control of Spectrum and Thickness of Coatings
The usage of the system is especially effective in the technology of creation of sophisticated optical coatings (antireflection, reflection, interference light filters)
Magnetron Sources
The optimization of magnetron sources structure, the usage of a high-current water-cooled solenoid extend both the technical possibilities and the specifications of sputtering magnetron systems.
The Electron Beam Evaporation
The e-beam evaporation have 4 of the crucible, the standard size of the company Umicore, a volume of 4 cm3 and have the shape of a truncated inverted cylinder 10 mm high, 27 mm radius top and bottom - 21 mm.
Automatic Gases Flow Control Device PPC-1000
The task of the reproducibility of the properties of film coatings of complex composition formed by vacuum-plasma technologies, can be solved with the help of the automatic flow control process gases.
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The company "Technology & Supply" is known all over the world. We work with large enterprises from Russia to Canada. Find out the full geography of the market coverage and join us!

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