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Vacuum Systems for Deposition Protective and Decorative Coatings

Vacuum coating system is intended to deposition of decorative, protective and other functional vacuum coatings on products from metal, glass, plastic, porcelain, ceramic, and for products with a low annealing temperature.

Vacuum machine is capable of deposition nitrides, carbides, carbonitrides, oxides and other compounds based on refractory metals, thus getting vacuum coating color range for cutlery, mirrors, furniture, pottery, tiles, caps and other items.

To ensure the reproducibility of vacuum machine equipped system of the automatic flow control process gases. The vacuum sputtering machine can manufactured in the combined form, that is include vacuum arc sources, magnetron sources, ion sources thus greatly expanding the technological capabilities of the equipment.

In addition, especially for decorative coatings are manufactured equipment for electrolyte-plasma polishing (EPP), which are prepared surface, improve the quality of 2-3 class (reduced roughness) thus providing the production of coatings with high properties.

Specifications of vacuum systems for deposition protective and decorative coatings
  1. Chamber dimensions:
    - D, mm - 500-2000,
    - H or L, mm - 500-2500,
    - Vacuum chambers vertical and horizontal.
  2. The vacuum system is made on the basis of diffusion and mechanical pumping.
  3. Technological sources:
    - Vacuum arc sources,
    - Ion source,
    - Magnetron sources.
  4. Production tools planetary.
  5. High vacuum pneumatic valve.
  6. Nitrogen trap.
  7. Vacuum valves.
  8. Pulse power supply units.
  9. Control and power rack.
  10. The combined vacuum gauge.
  11. System of the automatic flow control process gases.
  12. Hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Vacuum system can be operated in manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation on the set program. In the vacuum coating system used parts known companies of the UK, Germany, Japan, USA and etc.

Little upgrade vacuum system can ensure deposition DLC coatings.

Vacuum Coatings

The combination in vacuum systems of several types of technological plasma sources allows to increase the range of the deposited coatings (DLC, oxides, nitrides, carbides, carbonitrides, etc. - wide range of colors) and extend the operating temperature range of the substrate (product with the use of lacquer, plastic, glass, ceramics, metals, and other alloys ZAC) of 50° C and higher.

Samples of products with protective, decorative and corrosion-resistant coatings, vacuum metallization

Vacuum metallizing

Vacuum metallization machines are used for deposition of decorative and functional coatings on substrates made of plastic, metal, alloys, ceramics, glass and other materials.

Vacuum metallizing  makes it possible to deposit Cr, Al, Ni, etc. metals on a previously prepared substrate surface. Depending on the purpose of the coating and the quality of the substrate surface, before metallization, the substrate is varnished or a polymer is applied (the HMDS polymerization process takes place in a vacuum chamber), then metals are applied to the prepared surface. If necessary, after deposition the metal, the coatings are protected with varnish or polymer from mechanical damage or oxidation.

Product samples:

Vacuum metallizing of ABS plastic: chrome, bronze, aluminium, bronze (without varnish)

Samples of vacuum metallization of plastics with and without varnish.

For the right choice of vacuum systems for deposition protective and decorative coatings, please inform::

  1. Dimensions of processed products (it is desirable to send us a drawing, sketch or photos of products).
  2. What material are the products made?
  3. What result do you need from the vacuum deposition process: what color, film thickness, vacuum coating characteristics, etc.?
  4. How many products must be coating in one shift, how many shifts and their duration?
Consultation, ordering, cost calculation
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