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Vacuum Systems for Deposition Hardening Coatings

Based on many years of experience of research and development works, as well as experience in manufacturing vacuum systems and the introduction of technology in of hardening industrial practice is the most appropriate use of the vacuum system with wide technological capabilities. Specifically, the system must include ion sources, vacuum arc and plasma magnetron sputtering systems. Such use of technological sources can clean the surface as gas ions and ions of the cathode material and to form single-layer, multi-layer, vacuum nanocomposite coatings, including the details of low annealing temperature (nitrides, carbides, carbonitrides, oxides and other compounds refractory materials).

The ion source in the vacuum system can be operate as a cleaning and in the mode of assisting, thus covering formed with high physical and mechanical properties. The presence in the vacuum systems system of the automatic flow control process gases allows to control cleaning of the surface details at the atomic level and provides management of key process parameters in automatic operation with the formation of coatings stoichiometric composition from cycle to cycle.

Specifications of the vacuum systems for deposition hardening coatings
  1. Chamber dimensions:
    - D, mm - 500-2000,
    - H or L, mm - 500-2500,
    - Vacuum chambers vertical and horizontal.
  2. The vacuum system is made on the basis of diffusion and mechanical pumping.
  3. Technological sources:
    - Vacuum arc sources,
    - Ion source,
    - Magnetron sources.
  4. Production tools planetary.
  5. High vacuum pneumatic valve.
  6. Nitrogen trap.
  7. Vacuum valves.
  8. Pulse power supply units.
  9. Control and power rack.
  10. The combined vacuum gauge.
  11. System of the automatic flow control process gases.
  12. Hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

In the vacuum coating systems used imported parts of the UK, Germany, Japan, USA and etc. Little upgrade vacuum systems can ensure deposition DLC coatings. Vacuum system can be operated in manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation on the set program.

After vacuum coating increases the life of the tool a few times
  • Cutting plates in 2-5 times.
  • Knives for cutting the wire in 10-14 times.
  • Molds in 3-5 times.
  • Stamps in 3-4 times.
  • Drills, mills, tap in 2-4 times.
  • Medical scalpel in 2-4 times.
The vacuum system allows the following deposition coatings
  • Single layer vacuum coating: TiN; TiCN; ZnN; CrN; AlCrN and etc.
  • Multilayer vacuum coating: TiN-TiCN-TiC; TiN-TiAlN-AlTiN-Al2O3 and etc.
  • Nanocomposite vacuum coatings 2D,3D: TiN/NbN; (TiAl)N/CrN; nc-TiN/a-BN and etc.

Hardening Vacuum Coatings

The introduction of technologies for the deposition of hardening coatings on cutting tool, tooling, molds, dies, etc., allows to increase the product life by several times. Application combined process plasma source allows deposition layer, multilayer and diamond vacuum coatings, including the product in a low temperature range.

Nitride concentration correlation influence on (Ti-Zr)N coating micro hardness.

Characteristics of hardening coatings
Nitride concentration correlation influence on (Ti-Zr)N coating micro hardness.
Changing the coefficient of friction of the coating
Changes in the lattice constant (a), microhardness Hμ1 and Hμl of the coating depending on the process temperature and the use of the ion source.
Samples of products with hardening coating

For the right choice of vacuum machine for deposition hardening coatings, please inform:

  1. Dimensions of processed products (it is desirable to send us a drawing, sketch or photos of products)
  2. What material are the products made?
  3. What result do you need from the vacuum deposition process: what color, hardness, film thickness, vacuum coating characteristics, etc.?
  4. How many products must be coating in one shift, how many shifts and their duration?
Consultation, ordering, cost calculation
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