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Vacuum Systems for Deposition Optical Coatings

Vacuum system deposit optical coatings various functional purposes: clarifying, reflecting, interference, polarizing, conductive, protective, light-absorbing and other coatings.

Specifications of the vacuum systems for deposition optical coatings
  1. Chamber dimensions:
    - D, mm - 500-2000.
    - H or L, mm - 500-2500.
    - Vacuum chambers vertical and horizontal.
  2. The vacuum system is made on the basis of diffusion, mechanical pumping and can be used cryogenic and turbomolecular pumps.
  3. Production tools, depending on the workpiece is performed with the lower or the upper rotary drive.
  4. Technological sources:
    • E-beam evaporators:
      - Accelerating voltage 6000, 10000, 12000 V.
      - Electron beam current, 0-1.0 А.
      - Power supply, 6 КW.
    • Ion source gas:
      - Energy of the ions, eV 0-3000.
      - The size of the ion beam to cut the anode, mm. LхH - (150-2000) - for sources with a rectangular shape of the ion beam is isotropic throughout the volume of the chamber for coaxial sources.
      - Operating current, А: 0-10 for coax, 1.0 - for sources with a rectangular beam.
      - Power supply, KW 2.5; 5.0; 7.0.
      - Accelerating voltage, V 0-4000.
    • For conductive vacuum coatings used magnetron sources and ion source.
  5. Rack power and control vacuum systems provide for imported parts of the UK, Germany, Japan, the U.S. controllers pumping process, temperature, rotation drive tooling, system of the automatic flow control process gases, spectrometrical systems for control of spectre and thickness of optical coatings.

Vacuum coating system deposit optical coatings can be operated in manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation on the set program.

Optical Vacuum Coatings

The introduction of technologies for deposition: protective, conductive, interference, reflecting, reflection and other optical coatings.

Characteristics of vacuum optical coatings
ITO conductive one layer coating
Hideband antireflection.
Deep antireflection spectral characteristics.
Cutting filter.
Comparative specifications of the refraction index of TiO2. Coating produced by the ion plasma method and by the electron-beam evaporation.
Samples of products with optical coating

For the right choice of vacuum machine for deposition optical coatings, please inform:

  1. Dimensions of processed products (it is desirable to send us a drawing, sketch or photos of products).
  2. What material are the products made?
  3. What result do you need from the vacuum deposition process: what color, hardness, film thickness, vacuum coating characteristics, etc.?
  4. How many products must be coating in one shift, how many shifts and their duration?
Consultation, ordering, cost calculation
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