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Service of Vacuum Coating Systems

Repair, rehabilitation, compensation, modernization of equipment, supply and implementation of new technologies for vacuum systems both near and far abroad: VU-1BS, VU-1B, VU-2MBS, Union, K-Egnigment-750, Interatom, Balinit, Tecvac, TG-8, Z-1100, PVD 32, PVD 36, Z-550, Z-700, VU-700D, VU-1A, TA-1100, VU-2M, EN-72, BAK-760, A-700Q, A-1100QE

Our offer

As the that lately by different companies produced a large amount of equipment, the company "Technology & Supply" offers services for the repair, at the direction of technological change, referring to the transition from one method to the other, to a significant improvement of vacuum equipment, and namely:

  • The expansion of technological possibilities, coating parts with a low tempering temperature.
  • Decrease and in some cases, an exception drop phase.
  • Achieve reproducible of physical and mechanical properties of coatings from cycle to cycle.
  • The possibility of formation of a complex phase composition of coatings, compositional, solid solutions.
Solve this problem, the following ways:
  1. The use of ion sources of gas with a rectangular shape of the plasma beam, which can significantly reduce the operating temperature of the process and form coatings at low temperatures (70 to 150° C).
  2. Apply unbalanced magnetrons, planar vacuum arc evaporators (one or two cathode) with a rectangular shape of the cathode to provide a wide regulation of the current density in the cathode spot and reduce a dropping phase deposited coatings on a wide range of products, including small-size and on the tool and die tooling.
  3. The introduction of plasma flow analyzer to manage the process by changing and regulation spectral component that forms the coating stoichiometry with reproducible from cycle to cycle properties.
  4. Construction vacuum chamber, the location and the combination of technological sources provides composite coating phase composition including the solid solution which is 2-3 times higher in their physico-mechanical properties of the nitrides TiN, ZrN, etc.
Consultation, ordering, cost calculation
Our clients

The company "Technology & Supply" is known all over the world. We work with large enterprises from Russia to Canada. Find out the full geography of the market coverage and join us!

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