Vacuum Coating Systems

For many years the professional experience of the company's employees have produced and delivered in a number of countries vacuum coaters for monolayer coatings - vacuum metallization of Ti, Cr, Cu, Zn, Al, Ni ... with or without the use of lacquer, as well as vacuum deposition equipment and vacuum coating of multilayer films TiCN, AlCrN, ZnN, CrN, AlTiN, TiN...

In the vacuum deposition systems used devices analysis of plasma, ion sources, unbalanced magnetrons, vacuum arc sources with pulsed power supplies, which can significantly extend the range of vacuum coatings and improve their properties, namely:

  • Reduced porosity, increased adhesion in vacuum metallization.
  • Increasing the density and adhesion during vacuum deposition of carbides, carbonitrides, nitrides.
  • Increased adhesion and reduced absorption in oxides TiO2, Cr2O3, Al2O3...
  • Increases adhesion and density of the coating by vacuum deposition of sulfides, fluorides.

Vacuum coating occurs in both manual and automatic operation using a personal computer.

The company "Technology & Supply" develops, manufactures following vacuum coaters:

In-line Vacuum Coating Systems

In-Line vacuum coating systemsIn-line coater is intended for the deposition of a wide range of coatings (protective, decorative, hardening, and optical) combined methods in automatic mode.

Vacuum Systems for Deposition Coatings on the Roll PET Films

Vacuum systems for deposition coatings on the roll PET filmsRoll vacuum system V-2000-IP-R is intended for coating the film with the use of magnetron and ion sources. The system is capable for deposition protective, anti-reflective, conductive, anti-reflex and other coatings in the automatic mode.

Vacuum Systems for Deposition DLC Coatings

Vacuum systems for deposition DLC coatingsVacuum system is intended for deposition DLC coatings (PVD coating process) and deposition vacuum coatings difficult phase composition on the basis of refractory materials including for products with a low annealing temperature. Vacuum system can be operated in manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation on the set program.

Vacuum Systems for Deposition Hardening Coatings

Vacuum systems for deposition hardening coatingsBased on many years of experience of research and development works, as well as experience in manufacturing vacuum systems and the introduction of technology in of hardening industrial practice is the most appropriate use of the vacuum system with wide technological capabilities.

Vacuum Systems for Deposition Optical Coatings

Vacuum systems for deposition optical coatingsVacuum system deposit optical coatings various functional purposes: clarifying, reflecting, interference, polarizing, conductive, protective, light-absorbing and other coatings.

Vacuum Systems for Deposition Protective and Decorative Coatings

Vacuum systems for deposition protective and decorative coatingsVacuum coating system is intended to deposition of decorative, protective and other functional vacuum coatings on products from metal, glass, plastic, porcelain, ceramic, and for products with a low annealing temperature.