Vacuum Systems for Deposition Coatings on the Roll PET Films

Roll vacuum system V-2000-IP-R is intended for coating the film with the use of magnetron and ion sources. The system is capable for deposition protective, anti-reflective, conductive, anti-reflex and other coatings in the automatic mode.

Composition of the vacuum system

  1. Load module (preparation) to the film deposition. The module is intended for pre-cleaning and degassing of the film.
  2. The working vacuum chamber. In the chamber there is a final cleaning, processing film planar ion source and that the required coating planar magnetrons for a given technology. In the working chamber place the product fast, seven magnetron planar construction, heaters, sensors, pressure control range of plasma spectrometer system.
  3. The vacuum system consists of a high-performance high-vacuum pumps and components pre-empty. The vacuum system provides the correct pressure in the load modules (preparation), upload film and directly in the working chamber.
  4. Module unloading (output of the film) is intended to stabilize the pressure and temperature parameters.
  5. Ion source provides cleaning, activation of the film surface with argon ions with energy (0-800 eV). The size of the ion beam to cut the anode is (1400x100) mm. Length of the working area of the normal to the substrate - (0-400) mm.
  6. Magnetron of the planar construction. Target size (1400h80) mm. The chamber allows for up to 7 magnetrons.
  7. The unit rewind is provides automatic the tape to the loading position and the airlock to the take-up reel.
  8. The device analyzes of plasma and gas flow control provides stabilization process parameters and reproducibility of coatings.
  9. Spectrometric system control of coating thickness provides the control surfaces in an automatic mode with the output characteristics of a computer monitor.
  10. Power Rack is intended to power the magnetron, ion sources and other.
  11. Rack control provides an automated process of coating.

The main technical characteristics

  • Working chamber - 2000x1600x1400 mm.
  • Airlock (2 pieces) - 1600x400x400 mm.
  • Pressure - 1x10-3 PA.
  • Operating pressure - 10-1 PA.
  • Magnetron power sources - 5, 10, 25 kW.

Ion source parameters

  • Accelerating voltage up to 2000 V.
  • Operating current up to 1 A.
  • Productivity - (10-30) m/min.
  • The size of the ion beam on a section of the anode (1400x100) mm.
  • The size of the working area of the normal to the substrate (0-400) mm.
  • Spectral range of the instrument measuring the thickness of coatings, to 1000 nm.
  • Power vacuum system, 150 kW (depending on the technology).

The special features of the vacuum coating system

The special features of the vacuum coating system to vacuum deposition coatings on the roll PET films should include:

  • The presence of the module preparation of the ion source allows to form coatings with high physical and mechanical properties.
  • Exception the periodic load products (coils) in the working chamber significantly reduces the presence of impurities and the formation of uniform coatings.
  • High productivity in the vacuum airlock coating system.
  • The ability to control the thickness of coating deposition mode and displays the spectral characteristics of a computer monitor.


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