The Knowledge Base of Typical Questions

Please send additional information to the magnetron and ion source.

Please let me know the cost of the system for vacuum deposition decorative coatings on plastic products. Product dimensions: diameter 50 mm, height 20 mm. Number of products per day - up to 1000 pcs. Accessories for vacuum system - Russian.

I ask you to inform about the possibility of delivery to us of the equipment electrolytic polishing for finishing the surface of the heat exchanger (general form is attached). Construction material: steel Corrosion 304 (AISI), 1.4301 (EN), 08H18N10 (GOST). Maximum dimensions of the heat exchanger 1200 mm x 1200 mm.

Please send a proposal to the vacuum system for hardening coatings chamber with a diameter of about 800 mm and 1400 mm high.

Necessary equipment for surfacing, coating on the shafts vacuum coating length of 1000 mm.

Please send structure of the machine for electrolytic-plasma polishing, the cost of consumables. If you have supplied to China, can I talk to someone about the prevailing opinion?

On the existing vacuum equipment can not get a stable vacuum technology. Can you suggest something?

We need help in upgrading the vacuum plant NNV for quality vacuum coatings.

Please let us know if you produce vacuum system for the sputter of NNV or Bulat?

Necessary vacuum coating equipment for deposition on polyethylene film. Bay weighing 200 kg, a length of 800 mm.

Need vacuum system for the deposition of optical and decorative coatings on large items.

Please inform the distinctive features of the upgraded vacuum system VU-2MBS.

Need vacuum system VU-2MBS. Tell possibility of delivery.

Interested in vacuum system for deposition optical coatings.

Necessary equipment for the deposition of gold on paper.

We are interested in the vacuum line for the deposition of mirror coatings.