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Sending you the structure and working principle of the magnetron and ion source.

The magnetron

The magnetron consists of a magnetron plasma source power supply and the electrical connectors. Magnetron sputtering system refers to a diode type. Sputtering the material is due to the bombardment of the target ions of the working gas (usually argon). Argon ions come from abnormal glow discharge plasma generated between the cathode and the anode. High speed is achieved by increasing sputtering ion current density due to the localization of plasma in the sputtering target with a strong transverse magnetic field.

The main elements of the device are:

  • a cathode target,
  • the anode
  • and the magnetic system.

The magnetic field lines are closed between the poles of the magnetic system. The surface of the target, located between the points of entry and exit of the magnetic field intensity is sputtering and has the form of a closed track, the geometry of which is determined by the form of the magnetic poles of the system. Magnetron (plasma source) is mounted on a special flange consists of a cathode, a magnetic system insulators anode sputtering systems, gas puffing, rubber seals cooling system. The cathode is a stainless steel, which is attached target. Heat removal is carried out directly from the target, for which the cathode has a cavity for water supply. In the case of the cathode also installed a magnetic system that creates the required magnetic field. The cathode mounted to base flange through insulators. The anode is a rectangular frame that is fixed to the body of the magnetron. System is attached to the anode gas puffing that feed the working gas in the discharge region.

Source parameters:

  1. Target size, mm - 90x350.
  2. Power supply capacity, the kW - 10.
  3. Working voltage - 300-500.
  4. The open circuit voltage, V - 1200.
  5. Operating pressure, Pa - 100-6x10-2.

Schematic diagram of the operation of the magnetron look at my website.

Ion source

Ion source of a source ion, the power supply and electrical connectors. The ion source allows the surface treatment of parts ions working gas (argon, nitrogen, etc.). The main elements of the ion source is

  • a cathode,
  • an anode,
  • an electromagnet (solenoid) which are based on one case, which is formed between the gap of 3-5 mm.

The cathode solenoid Connection cover form a magnetic source casing. Through insulators attached to the body of the anode. When the voltage of the working gas is ignited and the discharge slit of the ions accelerated by the anode voltage treated substrate. Cross-section of the plasma on a section of the anode is 350-90 mm. Solenoid increases the degree of ionization of the working gas.

Source Parameters

  1. The size of the working area, mm - 360x90.
  2. The ion current, A - 0-0.7.
  3. The anode voltage, V - 0-2500.
  4. Electromagnet current, A - 0-3.
  5. Operating pressure, Pa - 4x10-2 10-1.

Schematic of the ion source is shown on the site.

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