A proposal to the vacuum system for hardening coatings

Please send a proposal to the vacuum system for hardening coatings chamber with a diameter of about 800 mm and 1400 mm high.


Vacuum system for V-1500-U - D is for deposition of hardening coatings on tools, equipment, molds and other products with the use of electric, magnetron and ion plasma sources. Vacuum system can also be applied to other deposition coatings decorative, protective, conductive, etc.

Structure of the vacuum system

1. The vacuum chamber

The vacuum chamber is made of stainless steel. The vacuum chamber is cylindrical, closet type. On the side of the camera are vacuum arc source, magnetron and ion source. Placed in a vacuum chamber pressure sensor, temperature sensors, programmable device analysis of the plasma of the process gas, inlet valve, heaters. Chamber height 1300-1400 mm, diameter 800-900mm camera. The geometrical dimensions of the chamber, the effective working area of the magnetron, the optical filter unit of analysis of the plasma, the amount of load vacuum system, the software, the parameters are specified in the agreement covering the terms of reference of the customer. On the chamber wall mounted technology stubs, allowing quick changeover vacuum system of vacuum arc to magnetron processes.

2. The vacuum system

The vacuum system includes valves with nominal width 63mm, the unit fore vacuum, valve with nominal width 400 mm, high-vacuum pump, diffusion pump with a capacity of 5000 l/s.

3. Technological tooling

Industrial equipment planetary and cylinder type performs relative rotation and portable. Speed 2-30 rpm. The substrates are placed in a removable cassette. Rotation drive equipment is located on top of the vacuum chamber. The geometrical dimensions of the product, the type of the number specified in the approval process task.

4. Vacuum gauges

Vacuum gauges models VT-1-4, and VMB-1-2, which are located in control rack.

5. Magnetrons

  • Unbalanced magnetron power supplies - 1 pc.
  • Length 1100 mm working area of the magnetron.
  • Power adapter - 15-20 kW.
  • Operating voltage - 300-500 V.
  • The open circuit voltage -1200 V.
  • Magnets - samarium - cobalt.

6. Ion source planar type - with closed electron drift model

  • Length 1100 mm working area.
  • Two modes of operation - cleaning and assisting.
  • Anode voltage of 0-2500 V.
  • Electromagnet current 0-5 A.
  • Operating pressure of 10-2- 1 Pа.
  • Working gases - argon and oxygen, etc.

7. The unit of analysis of plasma and management

The device converts the signals to a controller. The controller generates control signals which are received through the keys on the actuator. Working gas flow, gas composition, and plasma concentrations are maintained at a predetermined pressure level, which is decisive for the magnetron sputtering processes. Completing the instrument imported, controller, LCD panel company SIEMENS.

8. Vacuum arc source

  • Power supply units and control - 4 pcs.
  • The length of the zone - 1100.
  • The number of cathodes - 4 pcs.
  • Operating voltage - 25-30 V.
  • Power adapter - 6 kW per 1 cathode.

9. Vacuum system includes power rack and rack management

In the power racks are placed power supplies and control magnetrons source, arc source, the ion source. In the control rack placed gauges, temperature gauge, the unit of analysis of plasma controllers. In control rack provides for the application process controller from Siemens, allowing to automate the process.

10. Temperature measuring device

11. Process gas inlet system

Technical characteristics of the vacuum system

  1. While pumping the vacuum chamber to a working pressure of not more than 30 minutes.
  2. Ion beam processing time of 10-15 min.
  3. The use the ion source excludes step heating of substrate or allows reducing the temperature of the process. Heaters are used for vacuum degassing chamber, tooling, moreover, the combination of heat treatment and ion source can surely form coatings with high physical-mechanical characteristics.
  4. The coating process is automated. Automatically have the following options are supported:
    - Pressure.
    - Currents.
    - Supply.
    - The ratio of the concentration of plasma ions (aluminum, oxygen, argon, molybdenum, silicon, titanium).
    - The temperature in the chamber.
    Controlling independently for vacuum arc, magnetron and ion source.
  5. Applicable target aluminum, titanium, etc. consumption targets approximately 2-3 months work.
  6. The power consumed by the vacuum system of approximately 50 -60 kW.
  7. The area occupied by the vacuum system of 12 m2.
  8. The frequency of cleaning equipment about once a week. Substrates are set in the cassette.
  9. The vacuum system is served by one operator.
  10. Period of project realization of 7-8 months from the date of payment.
  11. Starting up, training approximately three - four weeks.
Best regards, Award Winner Republic of Belarus, Dr. Alexander Mazurkevich.


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