Equipment for surfacing, coating on the shafts vacuum coating length of 1000 mm


Having worked your suggestion on making a set of equipment for surfacing, coating in a vacuum, the following information.

  1. Given the current market situation, the equipment, along with hardening shaft length of 1000 mm, is to have the possibility of quick changeovers, the transition from one technology to another.
  2. The vacuum system must provide deposition hardening, protective and decorative coatings, etc., including the details of low annealing temperature.
  3. Due to the fact that the length of the product of the "shaft" is 1000 mm, it is proposed based on Position V-700 manufactured apparatus with two chambers, one primary working, in which the coating deposition, and the second is only for loading and deployment shaft (possibly design for manufacture two save one below the other on). Constructive clarify when agreeing the terms of reference. Boot removable camera which, when used, are installed technological stub.
  4. We propose the following basic structure vacuum coater.
    4.1. Vacuum chamber technology - 1pc. Dia. 700 mm, height 760 mm.
    4.2. Chamber loading - 1-2 pc., diameter and height are specified in the agreement specification.
    4.3. The extended ion source - 1 pc.
    4.4. Analysis of plasma - 1 pc.
    4.5. Temperature measuring instrument - 1 pc.
    4.6. Stand management controller Siemens - 1 pc.
    4.7. Power Rack - 2 pcs.
    4.8. Production tools.
  5. System of pre-treatment, recovery, surfacing of shafts - 1pc.

The offer price

Offer price includes:

For a more complete training Customer sends experts to the final assembly equipment. The final phase of training takes place at the customer's premises during commissioning and start-up operations.

Best regards, Award Winner Republic of Belarus, Dr. Alexander Mazurkevich.


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