On the existing vacuum equipment can not get a stable vacuum technology

On the existing vacuum equipment can not get a stable vacuum technology. Can you suggest something?


Vacuum plasma deposition refers to non-equilibrium processes. The concern is that for fixed technology as you work on the vacuum properties of the coating equipment from one cycle to vary in quality (adhesion, porosity, color, gloss, etc.). This phenomenon is not the cause of the equipment, and the properties of ion-plasma methods (electron-arc, magnetron). The situation is caused by the fact that in addition to explicit process parameters (current, voltage, pressure, magnetization, etc.) there are parameters that we have no control. These parameters should include changes in the effective pumping speed at the time, sorption phenomena, the wear of the cathode, etc. This phenomenon significantly alters stoichiometry physico-mechanical properties of the coatings. In this case, it should be noted the presence of the coating droplet phase.

Studies in Physical Research 1985-1995 surface of the substrate and coatings formed by vacuum plasma deposition have shown that to improve the quality require some constructive solutions. In this regard, the following work to improve the equipment:

  1. Device of analysis used plasma. When this control flow of the process gas is carried out not by pressure, and the spectrum of the plasma, thereby maintaining the ratio of the gas ions and the cathode material 50% to 50%. Thus, to a certain extent, the influence of the sorption phenomena to change the properties of the coating cycle to cycle.
  2. Improved evaporator in order to significantly reduce the drop phase.
  3. Contactless temperature control device.
  4. Ion source gas. Ion source allows for snap, activating the surface, reduce the temperature of the process, thus ensuring the formation of coatings with high physical and mechanical properties. Power supply and control of the ion source, the unit of analysis of the plasma temperature control device placed in a separate, independent control rack.

It is proposed to construct the work as follows:

  1. Our expert will come to you, analyzes the equipment transmits the drawings from boring chamber, manufacture flanges. Conducts technical consultation on the modernization of equipment, coordination of the transfer of technology, training of the Customer.
  2. The cost of commissioning, personnel training, technology transfer, confirmed by the Customer according to the number of days of stay in the flow of technology, etc.
  3. According to the decision of the Customer may conclude a contract for service and further transmission and improving technology.
Best regards, Award Winner Republic of Belarus, Dr. Alexander Mazurkevich.


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