Vacuum coating equipment for deposition on polyethylene film

Necessary vacuum coating equipment for deposition on polyethylene film. Bay weighing 200 kg, a length of 800 mm.


I am sending you a proposal for a manufacturing vacuum system and the introduction of technology for coating PET film.

Structure of the vacuum system:

  1. The vacuum system, which includes the fore-vacuum and high-vacuum pumping system.
  2. The vacuum chamber, mm, 1200x500x700.
  3. Gateway device - 2 pcs.
  4. The device rewind.
  5. System of preparation films to deposition.
  6. Door.
  7. Drive rewind.
  8. Winding drive.
  9. Hydraulics.
  10. Pneumatics.
  11. Table loading.
  12. Table unloading.
  13. Ionizer.
  14. Heating system.
  15. Cooling system.
  16. Unbalanced magnetron - 2 pcs.
  17. Control rack with incoming blocks.
    17.1. Vacuum measurement block.
    17.2. Pumping out block.
    17.3. The heating unit and the temperature.
    17.4. The control unit and the rewind rotation.
    17.5. Analyzer plasma flow.
  18. Power rack magnetrons - 2 pcs.
  19. Vacuum system involves montage of additional sources for deposition of oxides and other compounds (titanium, aluminum, etc.)
Best regards, Dr. Alexander Mazurkevich.


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