Please inform the distinctive features of the upgraded vacuum system VU-2MBS


The upgraded vacuum system compared with the system of VU-2MBS includes the following additional components:

  1. Two planar vacuum arc source with the size of the cathode 250h200 mm.
  2. Two planar ion source with ion energy up to 2000 eV, and the size of the ion beam to cut the anode 250h60 mm.
  3. Programmable spectral device control and process gas PPC-453.
  4. Temperature control device 10-channel with the ability to touch the thermocouple temperature measurements.

The use of additional nodes significantly extends the technological, productivity of the vacuum system and resolve issues of reproducibility formed coatings.

Planar arc sources not only significantly reduce the channel phase, but also extend the working area deposition to 500 mm.
The presence of ion sources can reduce the temperature of the process, the coating is applied to items with low annealing temperature and small sized product, which is almost unattainable conventional arc method.

Spectral and control modes irrespective of the equipment supports the plasma concentration at a predetermined level, thereby ensuring the reproducibility of coatings formed from cycle to cycle.

Thus upgraded vacuum system compared to the conventional VC-2MBS has a number of advantages:

  1. The effective area of coating deposition more than doubled.
  2. Much less drip phase.
  3. Ability to conduct quality cleaning gas ions, especially important for small-sized products and products with annealing temperature 200° C to 250° C.
  4. Possibility coating at lower temperatures.
  5. Possibility of ion treatment (ion assistance), thereby forming the coating with high physical-mechanical properties.
  6. Ability to coating with reproducible mechanical properties.
Best regards, Award Winner Republic of Belarus, Dr. Alexander Mazurkevich.


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