Need vacuum system VU-2MBS

Need vacuum system VU-2MBS. Tell possibility of delivery.


For establishing some clarity in the use of vacuum equipment VU-2MBS market strengthening technologies outlined the views on the issue.

The situation is that the vacuum arc evaporation method refers to "hard" process parameters and has its limitations. Indeed, not system only VU-2MBS, but practically all other models Union, NNV, T-Gold, need significant improvement, especially for the following reasons:

  1. The expansion of technological possibilities, coating parts with a low annealing temperature.
  2. Reduction and in some cases, an exception droplet phase.
  3. Reproducibility of physical and mechanical properties of coatings from cycle to cycle.
  4. The possibility of formation of a complex phase composition of coatings, composites, solid solutions.

For solving this problem, the following ways:

  1. The use of ion sources of gas with a rectangular shape of the plasma beam, which can significantly reduce the operating temperature of the process and form coatings at low temperatures (100° to 150°) C.
  2. Apply unbalanced magnetrons planar vacuum arc evaporator (one or two cathode) with a rectangular shape of the cathode to provide a wide adjustment of the current density in the cathode spot and reduce droplet phase deposited coatings on a wide range of products, including small-size and on the tool and die snap-in.
  3. The introduction of plasma flow analyzer allows you to manage the process by changing the regulation and spectral component that forms the coating stoichiometry with reproducible properties from cycle to cycle.
  4. Construction vacuum chamber, the location and the combination of technological sources provides composite coating phase composition including the solid solution which is 2-3 times higher in their physico-mechanical properties of the nitrides TiN, ZrN, etc.

Main units, performance

  1. High-vacuum pumping system with a form of vacuum aggregate capacity 150 l/c, and high-vacuum pump with the speed of action 7000 l/c.
  2. Working chamber with rectangular flanges specific location. Chamber dimensions: D=700 mm, H=750 mm, the number of square flange - 4 pcs.
  3. Production tools to the drive and the input rotation. Rotation smoothly adjustable up to 30 rev/min.
  4. Two planar vacuum arc evaporator:
    4.1. The size of the work area, height-550-600 mm, width 300 mm practically all over the volume of the chamber.
    4.2. Number of cathodes - (1.3) --- (2.1) - the next, and collaboration.
    4.3. The size of the cathode to (200x250) mm.
    4.4. Ignition - electronic.
  5. Two ion source:
    5.1. The size of the working area - (550-150) mm.
    5.2. Ion beam current - (0-1) A - adjustment.
    5.3. The anode voltage - (200-2500) B - adjustable.
    5.4. Power consumption 3,0 KW.
  6. Two unbalanced magnetron:
    6.1. The size of the target - (525-100) mm.
    6.2. The size of the working area - (550-150) mm.
    6.3. Power supply -10 KW.
  7. Spectral control - 1pc.
    7.1. The number of channels of control - (1-4).
    7.2. Optical Filters: nitrides, carbides, oxides, etc.
  8. The power supply substrate - 1 pc.
    8.1. The voltage-controlled (0-250) in the.
    8.2. Tok - 10 A-regulated.
  9. The power supply of the magnetron - 2 pcs.
    9.1. independent power.
    9.2. Capacity - 10 KW.
  10. The power supply of the ion source:
    10.1. Rack mounting control.
    10.2. The accelerating voltage rectified, adjustable up to 2500V.
    10.3. Adjustable current to 1A.
  11. The power supply of vacuum-arc evaporators:
    11.1 Current operating up to 300 - adjustable.
    11.2. The open circuit voltage - 70V.
    11.3. Two independent power supply.
  12. High voltage unit:
    12.1. The tension in cleaning mode - 1000V.
    12.2. Current - 10 A.
  13. Hydraulic unit independent unit.
  14. Control rack.

In control rack contains all the blocks for the control and management of pressure plasma spectrum, etc. As follows from the application of technological sources exceeds the capacity of the unit analogs up to 3 times. Working area VU-2MBS of 700-750 cm2, and the proposed model 2000 cm2, working area is 0.8-0.9 the height of the camera, and the width of 250-300 mm.

Realized technology

  1. Constructions coatings: single, layered, composite, solid solution.
  2. Coating: nitrides, carbides, carbonitrides, oxides, etc., and oxycarbonitrides of refractory metals (Ti, Zr, Cr, V, Hy, W, etc.).
  3. Evaporation product-substrate: a tool made of high speed steel, etc., stamping tools, etc., machine parts, medical instrument, parts of light industry, textile (shuttles, die), ceramics, glass, metals for decoration, etc., small-size tool for drilling printed circuit boards, woodworking tools and other substrates of steel, glass, ceramics, etc.
Best regards, Award Winner Republic of Belarus, Dr. Alexander Mazurkevich.


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