Interested in vacuum system for deposition optical coatings


To submit a proposal for the manufacture and supply of vacuum coating system V-700-O for optical coatings.

Purpose setting

Vacuum system model V-700 - On intended basically for applying multilayer cut and optical bandpass filters in the range from 3.5 to 12 microns. The vacuum system operates in an automatic mode and can also be used for application and other optical coatings (anti-reflective, interference, etc.).

Composition vacuum system V-700-O

Vacuum system involves the use of imported components: pump controller, process controller, temperature controller, vacuum, gas injection unit, quartz control system, the spectral control system covers mainly companies "Simens", "Balzers" etc.

Mechanical part

  1. Backing unit.
  2. Hhigh-vacuum pump.
  3. High-vacuum valve pneumatic action.
  4. The high-vacuum trap (freon or nitrogen in agreement with the Customer).
  5. Vacuum chamber D=700 mm, H=780 mm.
  6. Tubular heaters intrachamber.
  7. Production tools with interchangeable dome.
  8. Industrial equipment planetary action.
  9. Resistive evaporators with dispenser sputtered substances - 4 pcs.
  10. Electron beam evaporator.
  11. Ionizer.
  12. Hydraulic system.
  13. Pneumatic system.

Control rack with incoming units

  1. The controller pumping "Simens".
  2. Process controller "Simens".
  3. The temperature controller.
  4. Vacuum gauge "Balzers".
  5. Gas injection unit.
  6. Drive tooling.
  7. Power rack evaporator.
  8. The spectral control system coatings.
  9. Quartz control system.

Description and the interaction of the basic system parts.The vacuum pumping system includes a fore vacuum unit with rotary vane and double rotary pump, high vacuum pump, nitrogen or freon high-vacuum trap, high-vacuum gate valves and pneumatic operation. Capacity fore vacuum unit - 150 l/s, the ultimate pressure 1x10-3 mm Hg. Capacity of high-vacuum pump -7000 l/s, the ultimate pressure 5x10-7 mm Hg., when dealing with a nitrogen trap.

The coating process is automatic, with the conclusion of the spectral characteristics of a computer monitor. A computer monitor is on the table operator.

Spectrometer system has two modes: the visible region (350-850) nm and infrared (1000-2500) nm resolution in the visible region of not more than 1.5 nm in the infrared region (3-5) nm.

Control the thickness of coating is carried out on samples of witnesses located in the mechanism of translation. Number of samples of not less than - 8 pcs.

Automatic feed dispenser controls evaporable material thus ensuring stoichiometry optical coatings.

The heaters provide heating to a temperature of products - 3200° C.

Time of one cycle for applying filters depending on the process is 8 hours.

Power supply e-beam source (ELI) (rack power and control) consists of three units

  • Power.
  • Block Heater.
  • Technological unit, which is made on a modern basis and decides to function in automatic mode.

ELI PSU provides automatic following functions

  • The application of the required coating thickness, taking into account the material selected and set the rate of evaporation.
  • Regulation of the heating current.
  • Access to the operating mode.
  • Stabilization of the accelerating voltage.
  • Stabilization of the rate of the coating.
  • Rotation of the crucible with the definition of each position.
  • Stop the coating process.
  • To display the information used logic controller, which sets the necessary parameters, controls the operating modes.

Additional unit is provided with an automatic scanning electron beam SWEEP. SWEEP system allows scanning beam for a given program and a path, thus provides a uniform production of evaporated material.

Quartz control

Quartz control system includes a measuring head of the company "MAXTEX" (USA) and the power supply information. The measuring head is water-cooled, the number of positions - is consistent with the Customer.

Best regards, Award Winner Republic of Belarus, Dr. Alexander Mazurkevich.


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