Vacuum Arc Sources

The plasma vacuum arc sources found an effective application basically in deposition of hardening coatings. The main drawback of the evaporators having a cathode of a coaxial form is the presence of a drop phase and a limited in size effective operational zone of deposition which does not allow to produce coatings on large dimension products and to use these evaporators for anti-corrosion and decorative coatings.

The sectional planar vacuum arc sources with a cathode having a rectangular form do not only provide deposition of coatings on large areas but, in comparison with the evaporators with a cathode having a coaxial form, practically exclude a drop phase. The length of the effective operational zone of deposition of such evaporators is 0,9 of the height (length) of the side surface of a vacuum chamber.

Specifications of the vacuum arc sources
  • Section dimensions, mm:
    - length - to 300,
    - width - to 200,
    - height - to 40,
    - number of sections - 1-5.
  • Operational zone dimensions, mm:
    - length - to 450 (per one section),
    - length width - to 350 (per one section).
  • Operation current, A - (50-300).

Along with planar can be manufactured coaxial and line sources

  • The size of the cathode, mm:
    - for coaxial, diameter 60-200,
    - for linear, diameter 40-150,
    - length - up to 3000.
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