The Electron Beam Evaporation

The e-beam evaporation have 4 of the crucible, the standard size of the company Umicore, a volume of 4 cm3 and have the shape of a truncated inverted cylinder 10 mm high, 27 mm radius top and bottom - 21 mm. The e-beam evaporation have a screen of a refractory material (such as molybdenum) that covers three of the crucible of contaminated material from the running of the crucible, standing in the front position.

Power supply e-beam evaporation provides automatic mode and the following features
  • Coating thickness required with the chosen material and set the rate of evaporation.
  • Stabilization of the rate of the coating.
  • The e-beam evaporation maximum power of 6 kW.
  • Focus on the spot on evaporate the material - no more than 5*8 mm.
  • Crucible rotation with the definition of each position.
  • Maximum acceleration voltage the e-beam evaporation, kV - 12.
  • Stage of accelerating voltage the e-beam evaporation, kV - 6, 10, 12.
  • Electron beam current - 0-1.0 A.
  • The e-beam evaporation dampers.
  • Stop coating process.
  • Provides protection against overloads and short circuits.

To display the information applies logic controller, which sets the necessary parameters, controls the operating modes.

Used unit with automatic scanning electron beam SWEEP, which allows to scan the beam in a given program and trajectories, thus providing a uniform production of evaporated material.

Information on the work of the e-beam evaporation appears on the PC display.

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