Ion Sources

In modern technologies of deposition of coatings by vacuum methods, ion sources appear a necessary technological tool.

Thus, they to provide either cleaning of a surface or concomitant treatment and relaxation of arising voltages in the formed coatings.

The combination of a surface modification by ions of low and middle energies and coating deposition allows to form coatings with high spectral, physical and mechanical and operational properties.

Specifications of the ion sources
  • Ion energy, eV - 0-3000.
  • Operational zone dimensions, mm:
    - isotropically on the whole volume of a chamber for coaxial sources;
    - LxBxH - (150-900)x80x300 for sources with the ion beam of a rectangular form.
  • Working current, A:
    - 0-10 - for coaxial;
    - 0-1 - for sources with a beam of the rectangular form.
  • Power supply, kW - 2.5, 5.0, 7.0.

Sources of Mo, V, W and Other Solids Ion Sources with Energy to 50000 eV

The modification of a surface by middle energy ions provides increasing of properties of those products for which the other methods of treatment are practically impossible. The low temperature of the process (to 70° C), the preservation of geometrical sizes allow to carry out treatment of precisional parts.

Technological possibilities and specifications
  • Energy of ions, eV - to 50000.
  • Power supply, kW - to 15.
  • Operation pressure, Pa - (10-2 . 6x10-4).
  • Ions - Mo, V, W, Cr, etc.
  • Effective operation zone, mm - 100x500.

Products for treatment: bores diameter (0,2-3) mm, medical tool, plunger pairs, filters, etc.

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