Vacuum Chambers

Depending on the solution of technological tasks and economic efficiency, the vacuum chamber can be made horizontal or vertical. For technological lines of sectional sluice vacuum chambers.

At the same time, when covering the loading of products, various design options for the technological loading are provided: retractable type, placement of products on cassettes, etc.

Characteristics of vacuum chambers

Vacuum chambers are made of structural materials, including stainless steel, with a wall thickness of up to 12 mm (for round chambers). The chamber has a number of technological elements located on the walls of the vacuum chamber:

  • Flanges,
  • Rotation inputs,
  • Viewing windows,
  • Sensors,
  • Shutters, etc.

Cooling of the vacuum chambers is carried out in a labyrinth way or with the help of a water jacket.

The inner surface of the vacuum chamber is processed mechanically to the required roughness in order to ensure a given minimum flow of gas evolution. To obtain a minimum gas evolution flow, the inner walls are outgassed by tubular electric heaters made of stainless steel. After manufacturing, the product is checked for tightness with a helium leak detector.

Vacuum chambers can be manufactured both according to our own developments and according to the design documentation of the Customer.

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